Porsche Set To Take A Page Out Of Apple’s Book


Some Porsche dealers have raised concerns about this route that could dilute the brand by chasing a younger audience. Of course, franchises are still able to make their own choices about how they wish to go about things as has been evidenced by various brands that have approached dealers to ask if they would be interested in retooling their showrooms and service departments for EVs. But while the decision often rests with the franchise owner, a sort of peer pressure along with the worry that the head office would give a nonparticipating dealer less than stellar service could force dealers to change the way they lure customers in.

With electric vehicles like the Porsche Taycan requiring minimal maintenance, the dealers are already set to lose out on the money that their service departments currently generate. Making these dealers invest in an unproven model (many have tried to copy Apple’s style and failed) could be seen as a waste of money, but time will tell what the right option is.


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