MINI Convertible, New Generation, Reality in 2025

MINI Convertible, New Generation, Reality in 2025

MINI Convertible, New Generation, Reality in 2025

MINI has officially announced the continuation of its tiny and carefree convertible. A new version of the MINI Convertible will be introduced. The venerable British manufacturer has confirmed that it will produce a successor to the four-seater convertible. A vehicle that will make its public debut in 2025.

MINI has embarked on an ambitious and progressive internal reorganization. This iconic automobile brand is convinced of undergoing a transformation that will allow her to adapt to the coming new era. Times when electrification, connectivity, and automation will be the automotive industry’s foundations.

This has been neither more nor less than a confirmation of its intention to become a 100 percent electric brand. A goal that is planned to be met by 2030. In this context, several questions have been asked about the future viability of some models that currently comprise the product offering. One of them is the MINI Convertible.

MINI John Cooper Works Convertible
MINI John Cooper Works Convertible, the most performance version of the MINI Convertible.

MINI has announced the continuation of its tiny convertible, putting aside the numerous rumors that had circulated on the network for months. A new generation of MINI Convertible will be introduced. However, the company will focus on the “production of a four-seater convertible’s successor.” Can the new model’s links be severed? The idea would come to fruition within a few years.

MINI has taken another decision following the launch of a new generation of small electric cars. And it is to ensure the survival of the aforementioned pocket convertible. While it did not go into depth, the year in which this new model would be introduced to society has been verified. A vehicle with a strong emphasis on electrification.

MINI Convertible will make its debut in 2025. Bernd Körber, Director of the MINI brand, emphasized the convertible’s importance: ‘The MINI Convertible has a strong and especially devoted following. This is further shown by the strong demand for the most recent, revised edition. As a result, we are confident of the potential success of this vehicle design.’

MINI Convertible - rear
The MINI Convertible will debut a new generation to stay alive

In the tumultuous year 2020, one in every five MINI customers in Germany chose the compact convertible. Germany, along with the United States and the United Kingdom, is the MINI Convertible’s primary market. This announcement comes shortly after the introduction of the new MINI Convertible, which is tuned for the modern generation.


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