G-Power G3M and G4M Bi-Turbo based on BMW M3 / M4 with up to 700 PS

G-Power G3M and G4M Bi-Turbo based on BMW M3 / M4 with up to 700 PS

G-Power G3M and G4M Bi-Turbo based on BMW M3 / M4
Tuner penetrates deep into the gene pool


Tuner G-Power gives the six-cylinder biturbo of the BMW M3 and M4 up to 700 hp – and works differently than the competition with its G3M and G4M Bi-Turbo.


Like in their current generations BMW M3 (G80) and M4 (G82) have put on some bacon. However, there is one thing that the two everyday athletes with two or four doors do not lack: engine power. In the normal versions of both M models, the three-liter twin-turbo-charged engine delivers 480 hp and a maximum of 550 Newton meters. The competition variants even have 510 hp and a maximum of 650 Newton meters. Nevertheless, G-Power feels called to squeeze significantly more lard out of the row six – and not too tightly.

G-Power G3M and G4M Bi-Turbo based on BMW M3 / M4 with up to 700 PS



G-Power GmbH

Thanks to G-Power, the twin-turbo in-line six gains strength from 480 or 510 to up to 700 hp.


The troop from Aichach in Bavaria is going a different way than other tuners. G-Power does not give the M3 and M4 an additional control unit, but deeply reprograms the engine control installed at the factory. Equipped with this 2,495 euro expensive measure alone, the dynamics now called G3M and G4M Bi-Turbo generate 600 hp. If you also have the sports exhaust system offered at the same time installed, you can look forward to 650 hp, but you will get rid of 2,995 euros. If new downpipes are added, G-Power even makes 700 PS easy. Provided that 3,595 euros are transferred to Aichach.

750 to 800 hp will soon be possible

The effort leads to a top speed of schnapps of 333 km / h. The production cars reach a maximum of 290 km / h – and only if the M Driver’s Package, which is subject to a surcharge, has been booked. Incidentally, G-Power is not at the end of its performance-enhancing latin. An upgrade to 750 to 800 hp, which will then also include a replacement of the turbocharger, is already in development.

11/2021, G-Power G3M and G4M Bi-Turbo based on BMW M3 and M4



G-Power GmbH

A coilover kit results in a variable lowering of between 15 and 40 millimeters.


The now more powerful R6 biturbo works on request under a 5,950 euro carbon engine hood, which regulates the temperature balance in the M3 and M4 front with optimized ventilation. The rear spoiler for 3,332 euros is also made of carbon fiber composite materials, but rests on CNC-milled aluminum feet. In the eyes of many viewers, visual progress should also be made thanks to the V4 coilover kit that is also available. This allows a variable lowering between 15 and 40 millimeters and can be adjusted in rebound and compression. Cost: EUR 5,057.50.

New bikes for over 8,000 euros

G-Power also swaps the gear train. After the transformation into the G3M or G4M Bi-Turbo, the BMW M3 and M4 roll optionally on Hurricane RR or RS rims. Either in a configuration that gives Bayern 20-inch rims with 285/30 ZR20 tires at the front and 21-inch rims with 295/25 ZR21 tires at the rear. The larger format can also be crammed all around into the wheel arches; the size of the tires is then 255/30 on the front and 305/25 on the rear axle. If the larger option is chosen, the aforementioned landing gear modification is mandatory. The price range for complete wheelsets is between 8,330 and 8,806 euros.

For the interior, G-Power has, in addition to complete equipment in leather and / or Alcantara, features such as a carbon sports steering wheel, which can optionally be integrated with an LED shift point display, other shift paddles and velor floor mats.

opinion poll

Manual transmission. It simply offers the more intense driving experience.

Automatic. This not only makes it faster, but also more economical.







With the BMW M3 and M4, G-Power does not start at many, but at crucial points. With the mutation to the G3M and G4M Bi-Turbo, the sporty Bavarians get more power and depth as well as new wheels and distinctive visual changes.


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