EDR Black Box will Be Mandatory On New Cars From 2022

EDR Black Box will Be Mandatory On New Cars From 2022

EDR Black Box will Be Mandatory On New Cars From 2022

Manufacturers have already been alerted by the European Union. Beginning in May 2022, all new vehicles will have the ISA, or intelligent speed limiter. However, it is not the only one, as it is followed by another that has been requested for some time and was previously thought to be reserved for the most advanced autonomous driving systems. The event recorder, dubbed the black box, will also be necessary.

Numerous voices have argued for the inclusion of a black box onboard cars to record anything that occurs while driving, particularly valuable information in the event of an accident. Since this device is already installed in automobiles as part of the airbag operation, its operation is strictly limited to that purpose. From May 2022, all new vehicles will have a black box.

Often referred to as an Event data logger», theoretically it is an Event data logger. The EDR is intended to operate indefinitely; it is not detachable, and we would have no idea where the infamous black box was installed to prevent manipulation. The European Union mandates in its regulations that only pace, braking, location, and road grade data, as well as the status and activation speed of all vehicle safety assistants, as well as the precise time of the emergency call, be collected automatically.

Photo Intelligent speed limiter ISA
The intelligent speed limiter ISA accompanies the black box, mandatory since 2022 / Photo: ETSC

The black box in automobiles represents another step toward autonomous driving.

The European body has also expressed reservations about the EDR system’s privacy, noting that it will not store license plates or other identifying details, such as the chassis. Except for the final four digits, this code will contain only the hoop series. Thus, it will be the data specifically related to the driving, and in the event of an accident, it will also report incidents that occur subsequent to the accident.

All you need to accurately recreate injuries. A significant move forward that lays the groundwork for the new autonomous driving functions expected in the coming years. The ISA limiter and event recorder lay the groundwork for a slew of additional devices that will become commonplace and mandatory in just two years. That is, beginning in May 2024, all new vehicles sold in the European Union must have the following assistants, as specified in EU Regulation 2019/2144, which takes effect on July 6, 2022:

  • Fatigue detector
  • Driver’s attention level detector
  • Driver distraction assistant
  • Automatic activation of the emergency stop signal
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
  • Ignition Lock Breathalyzers

The major issue that arises is who would have access to the data if it is restricted to those responsible for accident reconstruction or if special permission from judicial authorities is needed. They are allegedly the property of the vehicle’s owner, although some attorneys believe that by causing an accident or being a witness to one, those property rights vanish, while others believe the contrary. For the time being, the discussion is concluded.


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