By John Mac, December 24, 2018

The roads of Tel Aviv ended up covered with yellowish on Saturday night as countless wearing yellowish stripes protested the increased living prices in Israel.
“We will not cease, we will not give in and we will bring hope to lots of men and women who are struggling to heat their properties in this winter,” David Mizrahi, one of the organizers of their protests, said.

The movement which only began a week past, in mid-December, at Israel, adopted closely the wave of “yellowish vest” protests in France that began in May 2018, mainly objecting the high price of living and increasing gas prices.

The Israeli backup contains similar objectives- stop the rising power and drinking water costs, and they feel may directly have an effect on food rates.

“The government will be doing everything possible in order to stay away from addressing the situation. Cut on the cost of living! Cut that the price of gasoline!” Orly Barlev, another protest organizer said. “The Finance and vitality Minister can alter the amount of gas tomorrow morning and lower power prices and the expense of dwelling.”

The movement has recently made any headway, supporting Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon to consult with the CEO of Oslo. As an outcome, allegedly, Osem froze its price increase.