Winter solstice weekend will shine with a rare moon event

By John Mac, December 21, 2018

The longest night. The shortest day. Winter solstice will be here to its Eastern Hemisphere, and it’s a time of darkness and light, notably this year.
Friday, Dec. 2 1 marks the solstice, but Saturday, Dec. 22 will gift us having the full moon known as the Full Cold Moon thanks to its wintry time consuming.

The solstice and the complete moon are happening under a day apart. This means our lunar neighbor ought to be lots smart enough all weekend to accelerate your own solstice celebrations.

The next time the full moon and solstice will come so close with each other is at 2029.

The moon can help enliven the very long night, and, as the US National Weather Service points outside, we can now anticipate daylight increasing for the subsequent 6 months.

You are able to celebrate the moon by simply appreciating with the luminosity it attracts, but NASA program govt Gordon Johnston has another suggestion: “As customary, the wearing of suitably celebratory celestial apparel is encouraged at honour of the complete moon.”