Trump is reportedly ‘glued’ to the stock market’s fluctuations and worried he’s causing them

By John Mac, December 8, 2018

President Donald Trump has been consulting his advisers to determine whether his trade insurance policies are accountable for the volatility that’s hammered on markets according to The Wall Street Journal.

The president sees the Dow Jones Industrial Average as being a significant benchmark for his performance, ” the report explained, citing sources. The blue chip index is around 2-3 per cent since Trump’s inauguration but stayed negative for its season Friday.

Many of tweets in the president along with the Journal report imply he still blames the Federal Reserve’s rate climbs for the economy problems. However, shares have continued to slip this week even amid expectations the Fed will ease up on its own rate-hiking cycle.

One person close to the White House advised the WSJ that the president has been “glued” into the stock industry.
Stocks required their latest downturn following the president announced himself “a Tariff male” at a tweet Tuesday. Even the WhiteHouse was shrouded in a trade dispute also Trump has pledged to carry a challenging line.