Superfoods to Help You Stay Warm and Healthy During Winter

By John Mac, December 28, 2018

When the winter is coming and the temperatures fall, the risk to have sick is very high. As 2015 study from Yale University School of Medicine, “when inside body temperatures start to decline because of the cold air and wind, the overall body’s immunity system additionally decreases in its capacity to fight the virus which causes the common cold.” Therefore it is vital to consume foods that may help you to stay healthy and warm during the cold months. Below are four Super-foods that may help you stay healthy in the winter:

Oatmeal: Oats are packed with vitamins, minerals, vitamins and antioxidant plant compounds. As, half a cup of oats contains: Manganese, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Copper, Espresso, Zinc, Folate, Vitamin B1 (thiamin), Vitamin B 5 (pantothenic acid).
Green tea: Antioxidants in green tea can strengthen the immune system and also help shelter you against colds and coughs.
Honey: Besides soothing a sore throat, honey may increase the immune system and help fight off colds and coughs. As a study in 2014, honey was more effective than the cough suppresant dextromethorphan and the antihistamine diphenhydramine at soothing children’s night coughs.
Trail mixture: You can create your own trail mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Begin with walnuts, almonds, pistachios and cashews (or some of those other healthy nuts), then add pumpkin seeds, chia, sunflower or additional seeds. Throw in dried fruit for sweetness.