By John Mac, December 19, 2018

Based on the researchers, B12 can exacerbate Pro-oxidant, detrimental to cells ramifications of these thiol group-containing compounds by the formation of sulfoxides of disulfiram.
The team of the Institute of experimental and theoretical Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences (ITEB RAS) found that the anti-tumor antioxidants in conjunction with vitamin B12 may get unsafe Pro-oxidants, i.e., chemicals which interrupt the metabolic, signaling processes in cells and cause the departure, stories TASS.

Antioxidants – compounds that prevent oxidation of different molecules and inhibit absolutely totally free radicals that slows the procedure and protects your system from ailments. It is understood that the antioxidants in states can serve as Pro-oxidants – compounds with all the properties that were damaging to the tissues. A desperate job for experts is to identify the reasons along with particular mechanics of the procedures.

“The staff of the lab of Tissue engineering ITEB discovered that vitamin b 12 may exacerbate pro oxidant, detrimental to cells effects of the thiol group-containing compounds [thiols of pure antioxidants] – D thiocarbamates <...> This occurs by way of the formation of materials such as sulfoxides of both disulfiram. The creation of such sulfoxides inhibits the game of several intracellular enzymes, and this ultimately disrupts the metabolic and signaling procedures in tissues and induces their own departure”, – said in the material.

This isn’t the discovery scientists ITEB in the study of carbohydrates. They’d previously shown that this powerful and well regarded around the environment antioxidant, as vitamin C (ascorbate) united with vitamin B12 can eventually become prooxidants and appeal cell departure as a result of the formation of hydrogen peroxide. The scientists also discovered that b-12 is effective of diminishing this, the drug acetylcysteine, as an example, Pro-oxidants. This creates.
It’s said the set of thiocarbamates comprise, for example. “The results point to the complex and contradictory interaction in among antioxidants together with other biological molecules. It is exceedingly crucial that you comprehend and contemplate when employing those compounds to produce healing combinations,” explained one of these authors of the post, Deputy Director of ITEB RAS Vladimir Akatov.

Vitamin B12 can help produce fresh blood cells, also leading to regulating protein metabolism, production of proteins and amino acids. From animal tissues rich in vitamin b 12 are kidneys and liver, in which it hastens. Currently it is added by food manufacturers to commodities like morning meal cereals, energy drinks, chocolate bars.