Oil Prices Climb After Christmas Eve Drop

By John Mac, December 27, 2018

Oil prices have a positive trade on Wednesday, establishing a pattern that observed primitive benchmarks reach their lowest point in 17 months. U.S. along with Brent crude oil climbed over 7%. Brent crude and WTI crude were up about 7.88% and 8.58%, respectively.
Oil costs have dropped over a third this quarter. A week ago, the Federal Reserve increased rates by a quarter percentage point to get the fourth time that season to a range of 2.25% to 2.50 percent.

On Monday, world wide oil markets expanded their reductions, taking crude prices to the lowest rates since July of the last calendar year.
Exxonmobil finished up 2.77% to 67.32. Chevron raised 4.41% to $105.44. BP climbed 2.63percent to $37.62, while Royal Dutch Shell dipped marginally to $25.03.