Ohio moves ahead with ‘smart vehicle technology’

By John Mac, December 11, 2018

The Ohio Department of Transportation, DriveOhio as well as the metropolis of Marysville are ramping what are the largest-ever linked vehicle project in the U.S., WVXU stories.

Over a 35-mile extend of restricted access highway along with 27 traffic lights, an estimated 1,200 cars (or 10 percent of all vehicles forcing through Marysville, about two hours northeast of Cincinnati) can analyze the tech. Motor vehicles will soon be armed with onboard components that’ll synch together with autos, traffic lights signals and crosswalks.

“This tech will disrupt transportation to your higher as we haven’t seen as the invention in the interstate system,” said Jim Barry, executive manager of DriveOhio. DriveOhio can be an initiative of ODOT tasked with developing and analyzing freedom inventions.

The vehicle data will probably be anonymously collected and sent back to the ODOT Traffic Management middle. In the center, real decisions may be created, such as if a driver hits a patch of black ice, an alert will be immediately sent by their motor cars to ODOT’s Traffic Management heart, who is dispatched salt to the surface.