News from Mars: A mile-deep ice crater and marsquakes

By John Mac, December 21, 2018

Even though it looks like a beautiful mound of snow to the Red Planet, the Korolev crater would be more suited for ice skating than building a snowman. The European Space Agency released an image taken with its Mars Express assignment on Thursday, showing the crater full of water ice.

But the crater is not merely freezing due to this Martian cold temperatures. Korolev crater is full of ice, which is about 5,905 feet thick year long.

The crater was called for Sergei Korolev, a primary rocket engineer and spacecraft designer known as the father of the Soviet space tech. Korolev operated tirelessly on the Sputnik program, the Vostok app that carried the first human into space in 1961 along with also rockets which have been precursors into the Soyuz launcher.

The crater, which is roughly 50.1 kilometers around, is just southwest of this northern polar cap, also known as Olympia Undae, in the northern lowlands. The deep base of the crater ground, about 1.2 kilometers below the rim, contains acts and ice as a cold trap. Air going across the ice melts and sinks, developing a coating of cold air over the ice hockey. This has allowed the ice to keep melting.