Miss Philippines: 5 Things To Know About

By John Mac, December 17, 2018

Miss Philippines has been crowned Miss Universe 2018! Here are5 things you should know about Catriona grey.

She loves her culture’s cuisine: The model adores chowing down on traditional Filipino dishes such as adobo, balut, and sweet mangoes.
She’s the fourth Philippine national to eventually become Miss Universe: The 24-year-old model was reprinted in the pageant at Bangkok, Thailand on Sunday, Dec. 16. Ahead of the contest, she was crowned Miss entire world Philippines 2016 and Miss Universe Philippines 2018. She left it on the top 5.
She’s a song in her heart: Gray “will be famous to burst into song,” as stated by this Miss Universe site. It seems sense believing she got her Master Certification at Boston’s Berklee College of songs in Music Theory and has a love for those arts! She had been also the lead singer of her institution’s jazz group and also starred in community productions of skip Saigon.
She’s an activist: Gray is a HIV/AIDS awareness advocate at adore your-self PH. She volunteers as an instructor’s helper to the students of youthful concentration, a non-government organization dedicated to giving underprivileged children and young adults from the Philippines superior accessibility into education.
She is down for an adventure: She’s reportedly an “amazing traveling friend” and “definitely not just a ‘scaredycat,” based on her bio, who notes that she loves zip-lining. Gray also comes with a black belt in Choi Kwang-Do martial-arts and a Certificate in Outdoor Recreation. Neat!