In November Renault Sold New Record Of Electric Cars

By John Mac, December 17, 2018

Renault astonished in November having a great set of 6,453 electric car sales, which isn’t merely 152% more when compared to a calendar year before, but a lot more than 1,300 significantly more than in the last month of March 2018.

Back in November, EVs is short for 3.5% of passenger automobile sales for its brand (at Europe, in which most of EVs were marketed, the share was 7.3%). It seems that not only ZOE sales were a listing at almost 5,400, however, the Kangoo Z.E. noted its best result ever of 1,046 (very 1st period in four digits).

It can continue, although it’s tough to say what caused this kind of tremendous growth in demand.

In 11 months of 2018, Renault marketed approximately 43,800 plug ins and around 95 percent of those were offered in Europe.