Health officials recommending flu vaccine in peak flu season

By John Mac, December 7, 2018

Flu season lasts throughout the entire month of February and health officials are still urging you to get the influenza shot to support family and your community healthy. We come within the peak flu season and the state Georgia has found a number of the highest numbers as soon as it comes to deaths, thus a Georgia college is currently taking actions to develop a vaccine that could change the match. Once a year rather than getting the flu shot college of Georgia doctors and scientists are still working to create 1 flu shot last from five to five decades also to protect folks from various strains of flu.

“This past year the nasal spray wasn’t given outside as it was reduced effectiveness but in 2013 it is available for anyone between 2 and 49 who does not have any other chronic conditions,” says Kirkland.

Researchers will start human trials on two universal vaccine options during non-flu season next summer.
“Should you get the flu shot now, you have two weeks to construct your immunity so that you’re entirely immune from the flu,” states Pam Kirkland using all the Columbus Health office.

Additionally, they recommend that you understand the outward symptoms: Fever, Cough, Sore throat, and Human Body aches, Chills.

Each year their intention along with the flu vaccines shift is to find a person who is going to start protecting individuals of breeds that don’t exist yet. The CDC recommends the flu vaccine for everyone elderly and six months especially to men and women that are in danger for developing complications from the virus such as children younger than 5 women and adults.