German union calls strike at Amazon warehouses

By John Mac, December 18, 2018

German trade union Verdi called on staff at two Amazon centers to attack section of a long-running campaign for much better pay and conditions, on Monday. Verdi has coordinated average strikes since 2013 to press requirements for the merchant to raise cover for warehouse employees with collective bargaining agreements in Germany’s trade order and retail sector.

Verdi telephoned on personnel to strike from the west of the united states a warehouse in Werne although it stated that the demonstration needs to last before Xmas in the Amazon warehouse at the eastern city of Leipzig.

Amazon has rejected Verdi’s demands, stating it believes warehouse personnel ought to be paid in line with competitors from the logistics sector, not as Re-Tail personnel. Germany is Amazon’s second-biggest market after the United States.

Personnel in Spain and Germany staged strikes month on Black Friday however, Amazon claimed there wasn’t any effect on client requests.

A spokesman stated it had been possible that workers may also take action at Amazon areas.
“We will see whether their guarantees clients to shipping and shipping parcels punctually by xmas Eve can be fulfilled”
“We’ve given Amazon more time and energy for you to answer our demands,” said Verdi agent Thomas Schneider, stating that this had been a “provocation” which Amazon denied to negotiate.