‘Game of Thrones’ Was Comcast’s Most-Streamed Show This Year Despite No New Episodes

By John Mac, December 14, 2018

It’s official: Game of Thrones is your Adele of big-budget cable dream. According to statistics shared with Comcast, the series pulled a 2 1 in 2018, controlling to be the most-streamed show on their on demand service even despite releasing no brand new episodes.

And now Thrones isn’t the only series from the past that did nicely on Comcast’s streaming support. Inspite of the fact that it exerts its final episode over ten years before, The Sopranos remained popular for their on-demand readers. This absolutely was the 11th most-streamed name nationwide, in front of still-running show like gray’s Anatomy along with Chicago PD.

The remainder of the best five were current shows across a reach of networks. NBC’s weeper That Is Us, 50-cent’s Starz drama electrical power, Fox’s gonzo EMS show 9 1 1, along with ABC’s goofy medical procedural The very good Doctor round out the top of the chart.

Thrones arrived in first nationally. At the local stage, but there was room to get newer apps. Comcast shared the Power conquer Thrones at Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. It’s been a solid 16 months since we last saw Jon Snow & Co., however that didn’t stop Comcast’s 22 million subscribers from binging the seasons that are available.

The business failed to share specific numbers, but USA to day accounts that Thrones was outside front.
“The simple fact that that show is rated No. 1) over the plank as it was not even existing is quite extraordinary. It demonstrates exactly what size of another that show contains [and] how fresh people continue to be discovering it,” Comcast VP of Programming Brynn Lee explained.