Ford is latest OEM to hit China market problems

By John Mac, December 15, 2018

Ford’s new sharp drop to earnings in China echoes that of different OEMs who say that the sector is going through difficulties because consumer confidence is dented by many of facets, for example a slowing economy and heightened trade tensions between the united states and China, which may have raised tariffs on imports of items – including autos – out of the US.
Ford China sales totaled 52,434 autos were totaled by earnings in November, a 55% reduction year over year. Jaguar LandRover earnings in China had been a 50.7% less than a year ago from November as current industry states ‘keep on being hard with continuing consumer uncertainty after purchase changes and exchange issues’. Jaguar LandRover stated it has been work with retailers in China to answer the market requirements that were current.

Volkswagen reported the impacts of the commerce dispute with America ‘continue to be severe’. VW, Even the market claimed, and therefore the automobile market are faced with reluctance to get to the part of clients.

The latest statistics suggest that the Chinese car market is currently heading for an annual decline in 2018 for first time since 1990.

New automobile sales in China continued to fall sharply in November, by 13.9% to 2.55 million models by 2.7 million units per year earlier in the day, according to statistics released by the China Association of Auto Manufacturers (CAAM).

November was the fifth straight month of decline for the market, driven reduce with a 16% drop in passenger vehicle sales to 2.2 million units, together with decreasing stock markets and the deepening trade war with the USA continuing to sabotage domestic consumer opinion.