Flu quickly becomes widespread across Alabama

By John Mac, December 20, 2018

A day later coverage the country’s most current flu info, we are updating our accounts to show a lot broader spread of the disorder around Alabama.

The influenza is now considered widespread in all areas of Alabama except for its Wiregrass in the northwestern corner of this country, and cell County. Jefferson County remained unchanged by the preceding report, together with lab-confirmed scenarios confirmed over the previous 3 weeks, a measure below ADPH’s “wide spread” position.
Historical statistics demonstrates Alabama was getting into a widespread flu season around this exact same period in 2017. It continued 11 months and prompted Gov. Kay Ivey to declare a public wellness crisis.

In the event you browse “I Will have an influenza Xmas? Illnesses rise in Alabama” on Tuesday, we indicated the data was the Alabama Department of Public Health’s newest advice via Dec.8 and that a fresh report about the influenza through Dec.15 would be available shortly after That occurred Wednesday in June.
and the ADPH’s Influenza Surveillance Map changed drastically, from wide-spread influenza in only the northern area of the state to nearly the entire state.

The flu season generally peaks between December and February. Two weeks ago, Alabama documented only lab-confirmed scenarios in West central parts of the country and no substantial influenza reports everywhere.