Could alcohol and coffee be the keys to a long life? This study says yes

By John Mac, December 27, 2018

Those who drank moderate amounts of alcoholic beverages or coffe lived longer lives compared to those who remained away from those beverages. The study additionally discovered that members who were overweight during their 70s lived longer than those who were in a normal body weight or even under weight.
It is the main findings of a group of researchers at the College of California — Irvine Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders conducted the study over 15 years. The “90 + Study” was pioneered to pinpoint what aspects were associated with longevity. Researchers analyzed that a individuals’ daily diet, activities, clinical record, drugs and numerous other factors. More than 14,000 nonagenarians from Orange County, California, participated in this survey.
The study also took a look at the levels of cognitive and functional decrease from the evaluation areas. It is found that the participants do not have adequate neuropathology within their own brain to spell out their cognitive decline.