CDC reports rising regional cases of influenza

By John Mac, December 25, 2018

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has suggested the start of flu year since the variety of instances continues to grow.
As stated by the CDC, Ohio is now one of those 18 countries reporting regional flu activity. “We’ve observed an uptick with that in the last few weeks,” states Dr. Mike Sevilla from Family Practice Center of Salem.

Dr. Sevilla claims those numbers will likely maintain rising.
“This really is the good time of year that we would see influenza tests positive move up, hospitalizations go up,” he says.

At the week ending Dec. 15, the Ohio Department of Health documented 6 7 influenza-associated hospitalizations. Ten were documented from the northwestern region of their country.
“We’ve been telling our patients to get quite a long time to find out because the influenza numbers are planning to be going upward, therefore we’re officially in flu year,” Sevilla says.

Symptoms incorporate high fever, coughing and chills. Doctors say it’s particularly harmful to infants as well as the older, so be aware if you are maneuvering into holiday parties.

“If you’re really ill or when you believe you are going to be around susceptible populations, you may even wish to stay household over these events at the holiday season,” says Sevilla.
He claims good hand washing is also a way to protect yourself and it’s never too late to get your influenza shot.