Audi confirms: e-tron electric car delayed until 2019

By John Mac, December 18, 2018

The year 2018 is more than yet the Audi e-tron is still a long time arriving. An inquiry by discovers that Audi has to postpone the start of deliveries. Customers are impatient. There’d already been evidence of the delay of the beginning of series production of the very first electric car from Ingolstadt in mid-October. Then, the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag documented that deliveries of this etron can be postponed by a month or even several months.

An Audi spokesman has supported to that really there will not be a market launching over the remaining a couple of weeks with the year: “The first Audi etron deliveries will be expected at first of 2019”. Exactly what this means remains uncertain.

On the other hand, it is obvious there has been an applications problem with the e-tron, and that’s why the electrical vehicle has received type approval by your Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) later than expected, based to your query. Again there had been discussions of the “computer software change pertinent to approval” prior to. Even the KBA did not care to comment on the subject upon petition, instead pointing us “into the applicant”. That is what we did.

The answers, but were disappointing: “For its harmonious interaction and a perfect client encounter, Audi accommodated a semi program at short notice, which resulted in renewed homologation by the authorities”. Audi additionally said said, “Specifically problem with endorsement isn’t fundamental”. A pilot fleet is outside testing and “this homologation procedure is now being performed based on the program”. The onset of advance earnings will undoubtedly be introduced, Whenever that has been completed. In Munich, the dealer trained can not affect by the way, thus you visit various e-tron models on the road.

Nevertheless, the circumstance is unsatisfactory for its clients who were enthusiastic regarding the car powered. After more than 15,000 requests are acquired for its E-SUV, every worth 2,000 euros. The original schedule of audi stipulated the booking would expire if January 31, 2019 had not concluded any purchase contract. The Audi spokesman left it available if this is the case or perhaps not, however, promised to “locate a caked solution depending upon the moor course of events”. To the conclusion, Audi says reservation holders will be contacted by them in the coming months. This seems to be in order we now have heard some whining.